BionicBlock (a.k.a. Blocky, Bust a Block, Kanonier, Block Gunner, Block Blocker, Block Buster, Blocker, Super Block Brothers, Bluster, Blockster, Block Rock Shooter, Pixel Block, Tales of a Block, Just One Little Block, Block Trek, Block Wars, Master Block, Blockism, When all you see is blocks, Blocky Blocks in Pixel Blocks Shooting Blocks, Coolblock, A Tale of a Woeful Block, It's a Block Block Blocky World, Block Death, Pixel Death, BlockStar, BlockCraft, BlocRaft, BloCraft, BioCraft, StarShock, BlockHammer, BlockShock, BioBlock, PixelBlockCraft, Jump Block, Grand Theft Block, Mass Block, Block Effect, Angry ShenaniGuild Block, Block Fighter, Companion Block, Buddy Block, The Soviet Block, The Unblockable, and The Unforgotten Block) is a third person action, puzzle, horror, platformer, adventure game.

You are equipped with a highly-advanced nuclear weapon that is capable of firing energy particles that will spontaneously transform into blocks upon collision. Bridge your way across formidable terrains and trap your enemies in the dark void!