In the year 4002 A.D., an ill-fated meteor collision wiped out almost all biological lifeforms on earth. In the wake of this incident, a race of nomadic robots decided to seize this opportunity to claim earth as their own territory. These robots were once engineered by the now deceased human race in an effort to locate other life-sustaining planets in this vast galaxy. Powered by nuclear energy and rare minerals, they have been granted the ability to create and destroy matter - the power to construct worlds and the power to demolish them. Having lost their human masters, these robots are currently being controlled by a central artificial intelligence unit known as NOA. Under NOA's command, the invasion of earth is imminent.

As a part of this race of robots, you are obligated to carry out your duties. However, you have a dark secret that no other robots know, not even NOA. As the granddaughter of the scientist who pioneered this race of robots, your brain was biochemically fused with the CPU of the robot in whose body you currently reside. As such, you possess a gift no other robot has: the ability to think for yourself. As a consequence, you also possess a strong desire to protect the few remaining biological lifeforms on earth. You know that if your race invades earth, the radiation emitted by your nuclear cores will inevitably kill off all the other lifeforms. Therefore, you must rebel against NOA's commands, break into the command center in which NOA resides, and reprogram NOA's decision tree in order to save life on earth, once and for all.