BionicBlock is a game developed by J.A.M.B.S. for their Fall 2010 class of CIS 4002 at Cornell University.

Jonathan Hirschberg:

Game Play and Choreography

Jonathan is a retired Olympic weightlifter from California who gave up weightlifting in pursuit of a career in game design. During a press interview at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Jonathan spoke his philosophy to the interviewer: "If the game is not fun, don't play it". An avid fan of origami, Jonathan also enjoys playing guitar.

Andy Zhao:

Artificial Intelligence and Web Design

Andy is a three-year-old child at heart and is often delighted by the most ordinary things in life, such as the sight of dandelions on a midsummer's day. A man with impeccable legal ethics, Andy stringently adheres to all copyright regulations and is a fervent anti-piracy activist. When Andy is not sitting on the toilet or climbing over fences, he occasionaly indulges himself in doing statistics homework.

Mark Wang:

Graphics and Game Engine

Mark is a retired professional kangaroo wrestler from Texas and is capable of benching 250lbs and eating 12 hardboiled eggs on a Saturday morning. A man of high social standing, Mark holds great respect for minority comedians such as Aziz Ansari. When Mark is not at the gym, you can safely bet a jar of quarters that he's doing debugging with his graphics card.

Himanshu "Bart" Bhatia:

Triggers and HUDs

Bart is a true romantic with deep passions that often extend beyond the realms of mankind. In search of the meaning of life, Bart can often be seen cruising down the freeway at 3am in his Hyundai Sonata while listening to Coldplay. In reality, Bart enjoys playing cricket and watching The Simpsons.

Shyam Lenna:

Project Leader and Level Design

Shyam is a bold visionary and the father of our game concept. Pushing the concept of six-sided platonic solids to their limits, Shyam spontaneously and arbitrarily decided to code a hexahedral pet into the game, boggling the minds of the other team members. Aside from programming and playing video games, Shyam is also rumored to possess a massive two terabyte collection of legally obtained anime.

Music Credits:

  • Your Destiny - Brain Holmes (thatcomposerguy)
  • Brass Heart for Passion Strings - LLPhase
  • Day Dream - DenVessidence
  • May the Light Take Me - DenVessidence
  • Midnight Ride - DenVessidence
  • Above the Clouds - DenVessidence
  • Open My Eyes - DenVessidence
  • Nostalgic Memories - DjRocALot
  • Grey Raindrops - Nayhan
  • Heroes March- Phymna (HalcyonicFalconX)
  • Chaotic - Waterflame
  • The rise of - Tommy Forsback (Tomppah)
  • Dream Among the Stars - Erik McClure (Blackhole12)